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Food for Thought About Changes in Your Organization

What changes are your company experiencing right now?
What has brought about the need for these changes?
What would you have done differently in response to the "need to change?"
How will these changes impact the way you do your work?
How might these changes impact the growth and productivity of your employees?
In what way could the proposed changes be a threat to the functioning of your unit?
What do you find yourself doing in response to the changes?
What type of information are you receiving from your leadership about the changes?

What do you do with this information?
What concerns do you have about the coming changes?
How can you use the changes to increase your growth and productivity?
What impact are these changes having on the employees?
What do you wish you could manage more effectively during this process?
What change would you like to see in your work group?
What is being done to maintain productivity levels during the changes?
What are you doing to keep morale from sinking?
What strategies are you currently using to communicate anticipated changes to employees, customers, and vendors?
What type of change in management programs does your company provide for its employees?
What additional training needs have you observed in relation to change?
What specific assistance would you, personally, like to have in meeting the challenges of change in your organization?