Dr. Rogerson is a process consultant. This means that she helps you to define the process for accomplishing a certain project. Process consultants are experts in how to organize people and processes in order to accomplish a change. This requires a partnership between the consultant and the client organization. A four stage consulting process is the foundation of this partnership.

Stage One: Awareness

Awareness includes the identification of what we think the problem is and assessing those who seem most affected by the problem in order to define what the basis of the problem might be (i.e. work units, customers, vendors). Attention is focused on what is working right and deciding what is needed to make processes, relationships, service, and performance better. Where things need "fixing," the goal is to get to the real issue, and not just look for a quick fix or a "band-aid" solution.

Stage Two: Preparation

All solutions are designed with the participation of the individuals who are part of the situation. If group training is needed, then an assessment is made with management and with team members to decide what specific skills, content areas, and attitude changes are needed in order to achieve desired results.

Stage Three: Evaluation

Decisions are made for measuring results and for integrating training or learning objectives into existing reward and recognition systems. (Sometimes, there might be a need to "re-engineer" these systems to meet the needs of a new work arrangement). Concrete measures are identified which not only define behavioral change but also changes in the bottom line. The goal is to keep a focus on making training support the overall business objectives.

Stage Four: Integration

Follow-up strategies are defined that link the new processes and new concepts to the organization's business objectives. These encourage on-going implementation of skills and processes. In some cases review sessions might be scheduled.

Each of these states serves as a foundation for any future activities that might be designed and delivered. Our goal is to make sure that our clients receive professional and personalized services and training in order to enhance the productivity and excellence of their organization.

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